The reasons why people become overweight are complex. Changes in society, the way food is produced and the way we spend our time have made it very easy to gain more weight than is good for our health. Environmental factors and our genes play a part too.

It’s about what we eat and how active we are. If we eat too much food (particularly fatty and sugary foods) and don’t do enough physical activity, the body stores the extra energy from the food we eat in fat cells underneath our skin.

Most people in modern western societies are not doing enough physical activity. Our jobs, our hobbies and the way we move from place to place often involve little physical effort. This makes it easy to gain weight, especially if we are eating a diet that is high in fatty and sugary foods.

People often don’t realise that they are eating unhealthily. There is a lot of confusing information about what foods are healthy and what foods aren’t. Therefore it is not surprising that many people simply don’t eat healthily.

Losing weight should involve changing diet and activity levels. Most people won’t lose weight in the long term unless they change their eating habits and become more active. It is very difficult to lose weight by increasing activity alone. Also, losing weight by eating less means that you may miss out on the health benefits that being more active provides.

How MEND can help
MEND empowers children and adults to choose healthier foods and increase the time they spend being active to help them manage their weight and lead fitter, healthier and happier lives.

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