Around one third of all children in the UK are above a healthy weight (overweight or obese). The number is increasing year on year in the UK and in countries around the world.

Obesity puts a child’s health at risk.
Most children who are overweight or obese are happy, confident kids who will go on to achieve productive, fulfilling lives. However, there are some serious consequences of being an obese child. Obese children are more likely to develop serious
health problems such as Type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. They are also more likely to have a poorer body image  which may make them more susceptible to developing eating disorders in later life.

“Is my child overweight?”
Concern about child obesity as a serious health problem is a relatively recent phenomenon. Because of this, many parents are confused about what changes in their child’s body may be normal development and what might suggest their child is overweight or obese.

Using a child BMI chart is the only reliable way to tell whether a child is above a healthy weight. Our online BMI calculator is based on these charts and will be able to help.

It’s not just ‘puppy fat’.
It is commonly believed that overweight children will grow out of their ‘puppy fat’, but research suggests that this rarely happens. Depending on their age, between 40-70% of obese children will grow up to be obese adults.

Check out our online myth buster where we debunk even more myths around childood obesity.



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