‘Overweight’, ‘obesity’ and ‘obese’ are medical terms which describe the damaging effects on a person’s health of having too much fat on their body.

However, these words can also be used in a negative or insulting way.
We know that many overweight or obese people suffer for many years because of other people’s negative attitudes. For example, some are bullied at school or hear negative comments from health professionals.

Negative attitudes towards overweight or obese people are not acceptable or helpful. 
Obesity is a serious medical condition and needs to be talked about openly, honestly and sensitively. Negative attitudes make it harder to combat the obesity epidemic. At MEND, we know it is possible to talk honestly and sensitively about weight and we train others to do so.

Our programmes and services also help people to look after their bodies by teaching them how it works, and giving them the tools they need to reach a healthier weight. We support them while they learn to use these tools. This helps them get fitter, healthier and happier – whatever their weight.

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