Talking about weight

At MEND, we understand that weight is a very sensitive and personal subject for a person to discuss, especially with their family, their friends or even their doctor.

For many of us, weight is still very much a ‘taboo’ subject. Many people, including some doctors, find it difficult to talk openly about a person’s weight because they fear offending someone or saying the wrong thing. But we need to be able to talk openly about weight so more people can take control of their lifestyle and make informed choices about what they eat and do.

Some people want to blame and shame. Sadly, some people in society suggest that people who are above a healthy weight have brought it on themselves. This is unfair, especially when you consider that many people simply do not realise they are making unhealthy food choices or are not being active enough. But knowledge is only part of the story – our genes, biology and environment interact in complex ways to affect the lifestyle choices that are available to us. And while it is possible to control our weight – most people underestimate the effort that is required to do so successfully.

We should focus weight discussions on health, not appearance. Being above a healthy weight can seriously damage your health and reduce your life expectancy. If we can support more people to make healthier food choices and spend more time being active, their health, fitness and sense of wellbeing will improve too.

At MEND, we work very hard to create environments where people can be comfortable talking about weight without having to worry that someone is going to judge them or make fun of them.

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