Every programme, service or resource we offer is developed using detailed research, government guidelines and the best available evidence.

There’s proof that MEND works. 
Independent clinical studies show that MEND 7-13 helps children who are above a healthy weight to reach a healthier weight, increase the time they spend being active, improves their fitness and raise their self-esteem.

Research shows that the health of children who’ve been on MEND 7-13 remains improved 12 months after the programme ends.

We use different scientific studies to assess how effective our programmes are.
For example, we use Randomised Control Trials (RCTs) to compare the health improvements of children who have been on a MEND programme against health improvements in children who have not.

We track the progress of our participants. 
We record every participant’s progress while they are attending a programme. On MEND 7-13 we track them for many years after they finish too. We use the information we collect to help us:

  • support participants to sustain a healthier lifestyle

  • improve the programmes and services we already run

  • develop new programmes and services.

Find out more about our research partners and the MEND International Research Group (MIRG).

Further information and resources


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