Australia and New Zealand

25% of children and over 60% of adults in Australia are above a healthy weight (overweight or obese). Related healthcare costs are around AUD $58.2 billion a year.

We’ve adapted our MEND programmes for local communities
We’re primarily delivering MEND 2-4 and MEND 7-13 in Australia, in line with local guidelines and recommendations. We’ve run MEND 7-13 successfully in New Zealand and have plans to adapt it for Maori communities in partnership with local health organisations.

What else are we doing in Australia?

  • In New South Wales, we’re delivering family programme until 2013 and a 10-week physical activity programme for children who graduate from a family programme.

  • We’re delivering additional contracts with government agencies in Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and New Zealand.

  • Working with the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Centre, we’re delivering MEND 7-13 in Indigenous communities.

  • We’re training health professionals across Australia. This includes rolling out our childhood obesity awareness seminar.

  • We’re delivering the first randomised control trial on MEND 2-4 with Deakin University and the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention.

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