Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI is a measure that health professionals use to work out whether a person is a healthy weight or not. It works out whether your height and weight are in proportion.

BMI and is the most reliable way to tell if someone is overweight or not. Our BMI calculator is very easy to use and can work out your BMI for you.

Waist measurements are important too. Muscle is denser than fat, so muscular adults are likely to have a high BMI. However, this does not necessarily mean they are unhealthy. Therefore, when assessing whether or not an adult is above a healthy weight it is very important to consider their waist measurement too.

BMI is especially useful for tracking a child’s weight. Children don’t build muscle in the same way adults do so BMI is a very clear indicator of whether or not a child is above a healthy weight. For adults, a high BMI does not automatically mean they are above a healthy weight, but for a child it usually does.

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