Community partners can deliver MEND programs with internal staff or partner with third-party organisations to assist with program delivery.   

Program Leaders are selected locally by the organiser and delivery partner. Local delivery teams are trained by MEND so they can successfully deliver our programs. Using local teams means that programs are run by people who:

  • understand local needs

  • have the right knowledge and local networks to help children and families access other relevant services.

Program Leaders are trained by the MEND teams who design our programs. This means that local delivery teams learn from highly skilled and knowledgeable child obesity experts. At the end of MEND training, program managers and leaders are assessed to ensure they have understood key objectives before their team can deliver MEND programs.

We provide all the support materials delivery teams will need. Before and during each program, we ensure all MEND leaders have:

  • program manuals, teaching aids, resources for all sessions plus child and family handouts

  • t-shirts, water bottles and other fun items for children

  • access to a secure website that holds all participant data collected, in addition to valuable information, resources and research from MEND to help partners deliver successful programs

  • a wide range of additional resources and support including a telephone and online family registration service and access to MEND’s obesity experts for advice and guidance.

What do the delivery partners provide?
They provide the staffing including a program manager (who looks after local advertising, promotion and general organisation of program sessions) and program leaders who deliver the program sessions

Could you be part of MEND delivery team in the future?

Find out more about
becoming a delivery partner.

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