Great food ideas

Put your aprons on, get cooking as a family and try one of our delicious, low fat recipes.

Perfect food for fun picnics or packed lunches

MEND-friendly pizza squares

Use a wholemeal pizza base and cover with your favourite low-fat cheese and veggie toppings.

Curried egg and salad wrap 

Mash a boiled egg with low-fat mayonnaise and curry powder. Place in a wholemeal pitta bread or wrap and add salad leaves.

A refreshing raspberry smoothie        

This recipe serves two people as breakfast or two to four people as a snack.

  • 240ml skimmed or semi-skimmed milk   
  • 120g low-fat natural yoghurt
  • 240g fresh or frozen raspberries

Remember: there’s no need to add sugar. Simply blend all ingredients on a high setting until smooth and then enjoy!

You can download more ideas and recipes like these in the factsheet and recipe cards below, and we’ll share lots of tasty recipes and ideas with you on your MEND programme too!


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