Meet a MEND 7-13 family

Anne’s son Joe was 11 and already over 80 kilos when her GP recommended MEND 7-13 to her.

“I was pretty sceptical about whether the course would make a difference. But we loved the course and found it easy to stick to because it was fun.  

“Joe wanted to be active but found it hard to enjoy PE because of his weight. At MEND, he was really enthusiastic and he enjoyed the nutrition sessions and learning about healthier food choices.

“He’s completely changed his eating habits and fatty foods hardly feature in his diet these days. He always thinks about what he eats and has developed a love of cooking and preparing food, which amazes me!

“He’s always been active, but since MEND he has far more energy and now enjoys keeping fit. He goes to karate three times a week, plays golf and has been swimming with the school.

“The whole family has benefited from the course by following the new healthy eating plan to support Joe as much as we could. I’ve lost about 5 kilos myself ”

NSW Health

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