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21 Jan 2012
New South Wales Go4fun program registration

For more information or to register a child aged 7-13, you can now freecall 1800 780 900 or click here to register online or SMS your name, kids name & suburb to 0409 745 645 and we will call you back!

02 Aug 2011
Happy, healthy, speedy

While boosting healthiness and happiness is high on the agenda of the Go4fun program, increased concentration at school was a pleasing bonus for Hamish Francourt.

28 Jul 2011
Healthy living program

Colyton youngster Shahni Edwards, 8, has always been active and is the outer western Sydney Little Athletics regional discus champion for her age group. But recent lifestyle adjustments means a healthier and fitter Shahni is now in the best shape for the upcoming Nepean Little athletics season. Mum Renee signed up her daughter for the MEND Program last term

22 Jul 2011
New resource to dispel obesity myths

There are many commonly held myths around childhood obesity. MEND’s new audio-visual resource attempts to debunk just a few of them. This resource, produced with the support of the Big Lottery Fund, is useful for parents, healthcare professionals or other professionals working with children. You can access the obesity myth buster here

27 Jun 2011
Hey Kids!

Become fitter, healthier and happier? The MEND program gets kids healthy and fit in only 10 weeks – and helps them stay that way. Join MEND – Ballarat Aquatic Centre, YMCA. Ballarat Community Health.

16 Apr 2011
Families on fitness kick

Go4fun program aiming to shape happier, healthy children. Recently 14 families graduated from the program and Monique and her four children were among them. “I’ve always fed the kids home-cooked meals, but it was still hard to get them to eat fruit instead of biscuits or lollies,” Ms Wijvenga said.

12 Apr 2011
Choose health and have fun

Funded by NSW Health and run by trained health and fitness specialists, the program (MEND) is designed to give children the skills and knowledge needed to improve their health and wellbeing. “We have had a lot of fun meeting new people and meeting new kids. It also boosts their self esteem.” Ms Munoz said.


NSW Health

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