Obesity news

This page includes links to general stories and features about healthy lifestyles and obesity. These won’t mention MEND, but are relevant to what we do.

Daily Telegraph (31-08-2012)

Olympics inspire children to become more sporty


The Metro (30-08-2012)

Britons expect to live in good health longer, figures reveal


The Metro (30-08-2012)

Weekly bar of chocolate may cut stroke risk for men


Daily Mail (30-08-2012)

Can eating too much junk food increase the risk of dementia


Daily Mail (30-08-2012)

Starve one day, then pig out the next! Is this the perfect diet?


Daily Mail (30-08-2012)

Healthy lifestyle 'just as good as drugs' for high blood pressure


Evening Standard (29-08-2012)

Children being driven 500 yards to school


Daily Telegraph (29-08-2012)

Overweight men warned they need to get 'match fit' to be fathers


Daily Mirror (29-08-2012)

Diet or die - woman forced to lose half her body weight


The Sun (29-08-2012)

Hospital dinners 'are packed with fat and salt'


Huffington Post (29-08-2012)

People of normal weight with belly fat still have increased death risk -study shows


Daily Mail (28-08-2012)

As obesity soars, girls of 11 are given breast reduction surgery on NHS


Daily Telegraph (28-08-2012)

Why having a pot belly 'is a bigger heart risk than obesity'


The Independent (28-08-2012)

Lansley has caved in to fast-food industry, says former adviser


Daily Telegraph (28-08-2012)

Junk food companies paid by taxpayer to develop healthier products


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