Obesity news

This page includes links to general stories and features about healthy lifestyles and obesity. These won’t mention MEND, but are relevant to what we do.

Daily Mail (22-08-2012)

How shocking discovery inspired one man to lose 281lbs


Daily Mail (22-08-2012)

Berry wine could help diabetics control their blood sugar levels


Health Club Management (22-08-2012)

Active IQ launches new children's physical activity qualification


Daily Mirror (21-08-2012)

Sweet your greens


Huffington Post (21-08-2012)

Research suggests coconut water could improve your exercise regime


Daily Telegraph (20-08-2012)

Parents need to get involved to ensure Olympic legacy, athletics clubs say


Daily Mail (20-08-2012)

Yo-yo dieting is not bad for you and won't stop you losing weight in the long run


Daily Telegraph (20-08-2012)

Is there a cholesterol cover up?


Daily Telegraph (20-08-2012)

Obesity 'bad for brain' by hastening cognitive decline


Daily Telegraph (20-08-2012)

Outdoor play 'shunned in favour of expensive gadgets'


The Guardian (20-08-2012)

Hospitals urged to sell NHS 'brand' overseas for income


Daily Mail (20-08-2012)

Fat? No, here's proof you're just big boned


Daily Mail (19-08-2012)

The 'healthy' cereal bars that contain more sugar than a can of cola and as much fat as cheese


The Independent (19-08-2012)



Daily Telegraph (19-08-2012)

Dukan diet inventor: the obese are mentally ill


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