Obesity news

This page includes links to general stories and features about healthy lifestyles and obesity. These won’t mention MEND, but are relevant to what we do.

Daily Mirror (14-08-2012)

Should our fizzy drinks come with a health warning?


Huffington Post (14-08-2012)

Healthy eating linked to workplace productivity


Reuters (13-08-2012)

Weight gain slower where school-food laws are strong


Daily Telegraph (13-08-2012)

Boris Johnson tells David Cameron to 'go for growth' to harness Olympic legacy


Daily Telegraph (13-08-2012)

London olympics 2012: after the games must come the hard graft


BBC News (13-08-2012)

Diabetes rate in Scotland continues to increase


Daily Express (10-08-2012)

Give office snackers the elbow


The Independent (10-08-2012)

Boris says schools should provide two hours of PE daily


Weight for it... keep fit pill pretends you're exercising (10-08-2012)

Weight for it... keep fit pill pretends you're exercising


Daily Mail (10-08-2012)

Young people who believe they are fat 'at increased risk of obesity in later life'


Daily Mirror (28-06-2012)

The rise of a super-sized generation


Daily Mail (28-06-2012)

Is advertising to blame for obesity epidemic? The sight of fatty foods triggers hunger, claims study


Daily Mail (28-06-2012)

Women who work while pregnant 'more likely to have smaller babies'


Daily Mail (28-06-2012)

Unpopular pupils more likely to suffer obesity and health problems later


Daily Telegraph (27-06-2012)

'Don't go to work on an egg': study warns of risk to heart


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