Obesity news

This page includes links to general stories and features about healthy lifestyles and obesity. These won’t mention MEND, but are relevant to what we do.

The Guardian (20-06-2012)

Half of teachers forced to feed pupils going hungry at home


The Guardian (20-06-2012)

Who will shape the new NHS?


Daily Telegraph (18-06-2012)

British population is getting too fat for the planet


Daily Telegraph (18-06-2012)

Letter from CEO at 'Go Lower' in Edinburgh - Carbohydrates are the real reason for obesity


Daily Mail (18-06-2012)

Obese children struggle more in maths lessons 'because they feel lonely'


Daily Mail (18-06-2012)

Change your mind to change your figure


Daily Telegraph (16-06-2012)

World gets second helping of girl's school dinner blog: as council backs down


Daily Mail (14-06-2012)

Salt alarm over kids' meals out


Daily Mail (14-06-2012)

Pill could motivate you to exercise


BBC News (14-06-2012)

Milk fats may alter gut bacteria causing bowel diseases


Daily Mail (13-06-2012)

Eating disorders made me quit Olympics


The Independent (13-06-2012)

So, which of these does harm male fertility?


Daily Telegraph (13-06-2012)

If you want children to eat their greens, try smiling


Guardian G2 (12-06-2012)

Why our food is making us fat


The Independent (12-06-2012)

Stats show record fall in NHS satisfaction - but ministers say it's at a high


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