Obesity news

This page includes links to general stories and features about healthy lifestyles and obesity. These won’t mention MEND, but are relevant to what we do.

The Guardian (24-03-2011)

The Budget 2011: Key points at a glance


Daily Express (24-03-2011)

One look can pile on the pounds


Daily Mirror (24-03-2011)

A new study by Northwestern University in Chicago is the first to show the influence of eating fibre on the lifetime risk for heart disease. It found that eating 25g a day of cereals, wholemeal pasta, potatoes and brown bread during early adult years lowers the risk of heart disease amongst older people.


Daily Mirror (24-03-2011)

Dr Miriam Stoppard's health focus: Baby diets are a recipe for tears


The Guardian (24-03-2011)

Many GP referrals are too slow, inquiry finds


Daily Mail Femail Magazine (24-03-2011)

Dieters beware! Weight-loss means mate-loss


Daily Express (23-03-2011)

Food that gives us comfort


Metro (23-03-2011)

Chips and chocolates stop you feeling lonely


Daily Mail (23-03-2011)

Obsessive healthy eaters 'are risking their lives'


The Sun (23-03-2011)

Kid Kong; He's 9st 6lb aged three and won't stop eating


Daily Express (23-03-2011)

Men are doing the cooking


Daily Mail (23-03-2011)

Which contains more salt - nine bags of crisps or a hearty bowl of soup?


Evening Standard (22-03-2011)

Obese eight-year-olds 'at risk of strokes'


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