Obesity news

This page includes links to general stories and features about healthy lifestyles and obesity. These won’t mention MEND, but are relevant to what we do.

Daily Mirror (12-06-2012)

H2 Ouch


Daily Express (12-06-2012)

What all mid-life men need to know


Daily Mail (11-06-2012)

850,000 do not know they have diabetes


Daily Mail (11-06-2012)

Atkins diet raises risk of heart disease


The Guardian (11-06-2012)

Get fit in five minutes


The Guardian (11-06-2012)

Elderly struck by 'epidemic' of body image and eating disorders


Daily Telegraph (10-06-2012)

Hail Mayor Mike and the paper cups that will not runneth over


The Guardian (10-06-2012)

Can you get fit in 5 minutes?


Daily Mail (10-06-2012)

Is healthy eating making you miserable?


Daily Mail (10-06-2012)

Boys young as 6 getting anorexia


The Guardian (10-06-2012)

Even America is tackling obesity. So why aren't we?


The Independent (10-06-2012)

When your Olympic dream dies, you face the nightmare alone: Dame Kelly Holmes


The Guardian (10-06-2012)

Uncomfortable in our own skin: the body image report


The Independent (09-06-2012)

The deadly legacy of America's fields of gold: corn syrup


Daily Mail (08-06-2012)

Secret of being thin...hidden in your beer


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