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This page includes links to stories and features from the UK’s local media that talk about MEND and the different work we do in local communities.

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner (04-07-2012)

Fightin fat can be fun

A piece on the activities taking place in Kirklees for Move It Week



Carlisle News & Star (03-07-2012)

Projects to help keep children fit - not fat

During National Childhood Obesity Week, a journo reports on the projects across Cumbria that are improvinf the health and wellbeing of local residents



Sheffield Telegraph (03-07-2012)

Lunchtime limits for pupils health

Children in Sheffield could be banned from leaving school at lunch in a bid to tackle South Yorkshire's childhood obesity epidemic. Joanna Saunders, the head of health improvement at NHS Rotherham is quoted mentioning that they already run MEND in their area which focuses on family intervention.



Mancunian matters (02-07-2012)

Manchester kids warned to watch their weight, as National Childhood Obesity Week launches events across the country



Irish Independent (02-07-2012)

Most parents afraid to talk to kids about being fat - survey



Kirklees Council (02-07-2012)

Kirklees families get together for MEND's Move It Week



Dewsbury Reporter (22-06-2012)

On your marks for health challenge

Hundreds of children took part in the Spen Valley Health Challenge last Friday. They learend about healthy food, exercise and activities at rest stops manned by Huddersfield Giants, the Kirklees MEND team and FINE teams.



Brecon & Radnor Express (18-06-2012)

Aiming to mend

MEND 7-13 starts in Powys this month.



Daily Record (17-06-2012)

Martha mania

Another article reporting on the millions worldwide who have rallied around Scots school girl Martha after her local council tried to ban her school dinners blog.


Press Association (14-06-2012)

Roadshow raises diabetes awareness

MEND has teamed up with Diabetes UK to run a Healthy Lifestyle roadshow which rolled out in Cumbria this week to raise awareness of Type 2 diabetes.



Daily Telegraph (13-06-2012)

You can't beat obesity by banning fizzy drinks

Boris Johnson suggests that Britain can learn lessons from New York's Mayor Bloomberg strategy to control unhealthy eating and drinking in a bid to reduce obesity levels. CEO of MEND, Harry MacMillan responds to his commentary.



Amersham Examiner (12-06-2012)


MEND 7-13 will start soon in Amersham.

MEND 7-13 in UK


The Argus Brighton (05-06-2012)

Prime time to cut needless loss of lives

Five people in Brighton and Hove are dying needlessly every week according to the city's leading doctor in his latest annual report. GP Tom Scanlon tells Health reporter Siobhan Ryan why it's vital the city's GPs, public health workers and the council embrace their role in the fight to improve the health of people in the city. He goes on to say that schemes like free swimming for children and MEND are helping improve the health of local families and says he believes the £1m being spent on tackling obesity is being used to good effect.



Dewsbury Reporter (04-06-2012)

Giant boost for health campaign

Childhood obesity rates are on the rise in Spenborough and Legacy Sport - based at Spen Valley Sports College - has brought together several partners (including MEND) in a bid to reverse the trend and deliver healthy messages to families.



Children & Young People Now (04-06-2012)

Obesity must be tackled head-on

MEND's CEO, Harry MacMillan, is quoted in the magazine saying how we welcome the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges' inquiry into obesity. He explains that obesity costs the NHS £5.1bn a year, so continued investment in services that treat as well as prevent obesity is critical.





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