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This page includes links to stories and features from the UK’s local media that talk about MEND and the different work we do in local communities.

Nova Radio (Weston and Somerset Coast) (23-04-2012)

MEND Programme Manager Xanne Blythe talks about MEND and the upcoming programmes in N Somerset



The Brighton Argus (20-04-2012)

Children in the firing line as medics aim to cut obesity

Obesity is expected to cost Sussex £460m a year by 2015, putting an extra strain on the already tight finances of the NHS. Journo Siobhan Ryan explains why targeting children is the key. She reports that MEND has been a success in the area - teaching families how to eat well and how to be more active: 'They also have the added benefits of getting adults to think about their lifestyle as well as their children.'



Lancaster Guardian (19-04-2012)

Children get active with free healthy lifestyle course

MEND 7-13 will start at rhe Lancaster & Morecambe College from 1 May.

MEND 7-13 in UK


Spenborough Guardian (19-04-2012)

On the MEND

MEND 5-7 starts in Spen Valley from 2 May

MEND 5-7 in UK


Southend Standard (19-04-2012)

MEND 7-13 starts this week in Southend

MEND 7-13 in UK


Kilmarnock Standard (19-04-2012)

Kids embrace a healthy future

Families from Kilmarnock celebrated graduating from MEND last week


Ealing Gazette (19-04-2012)

Get fit and healthy for free

MEND 2-4 starts in Greenford next month

MEND 2-4 in UK


Knowsley online (18-04-2012)

Diabetes UK Healthy Lifestyle Roadshow is coming to Knowsley

The Diabetes Roadshow will visit Newtown Gardens in Knowsley next week to raise awareness for risk factors of Type 2 Diabetes. People can also find out about become fitter, healthier and happier with MEND's More Active Health programme.



Yours magazine (17-04-2012)

Carers' forum

Carers looking for tips on staying healthy can visit www.carewell.uk.org, backed by Carers UK, BUPA and MEND. Developed by carers for carers, it has advice on lifestyle changes to give you more energy and a forum to exchange ideas.



The Basildon Echo (17-04-2012)

On course for fit kids

Parents can still sign up for the 10 week MEND course which starts in Southend from next week



Southall Gazette (17-04-2012)

Get fit and healthy for free

MEND 2-4 starts at the Windmill Children's Centre in Greenford next week.



Ealing Gaxette (16-04-2012)

MEND 2-4 starts in Ealing next week

MEND 2-4 in UK


Weston Mercury (16-04-2012)

Toddlers get a healthy head start



Kent & Sussex Courier (13-04-2012)

The fun way to family fitness

MEND 7-13 starting in Tonbridge

MEND 7-13 in Kent, UK


Buckinghamshire Examiner (12-04-2012)

Events in your area

MEND 7-13 begins in Buckinghamshire next month.





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