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This page includes links to stories and features from the UK’s national media that talk about MEND and the different work we do.

MSN news (02-07-2012)

Child eating disorder fear revealed

UK (02-07-2012)

Time to diffuse the ticking time bomb of child obesity



ITV Daybreak (02-07-2012)

MEND'S co founder Paul Sacher is interviewed on the Daybreak sofa on the results of MEND and Netmum's 'Let's Talk About Weight' survey. MEND case study family Liz and Philippa Patch also feature.


Sky News Sunrise breakfast show (02-07-2012)

MEND's co founder Paul Sacher is interviewed about MEND and Netmum's 'Let's Talk About Weight' survey along with a MEND case study family.


Daily Mail (02-07-2012)

Parents fear talking to children about weight as they think it could give them an eating disorder



The Guardian (02-07-2012)

Third of parents fear upsetting children with weight talk, survey finds



Children & Young People Now (02-07-2012)

Parents fear talking about weight could trigger eating disorders

UK (02-07-2012)

Would you say the F word to your child? Not the swear word, the other taboo: Fat


Children & Young People Now (28-06-2012)

Healthy attitudes

More than a quarter of children aged 10 to 11 in Tower Hamlets are obese. Journalist Rowenna Davis visits a MEND programme which is part of the Tower Hamlets' Building Powerful Communities. MEND's Phil Veasy is interviewed along with Cathie Shaw - senior public health strategist for Tower Hamlets and MEND case study families.



Sunday Express S Magazine (13-05-2012)

The big issue

MEND graduates Shelley Henderson and her daughter Nicole talk about their positive experience on the programme.

MEND 7-13 in UK


Colorado Springs Gazette (10-05-2012)

Overweight kids shaping up through innovative program

This positive piece follows the progress of participants on a MEND programme in Colorado.

MEND 7-13 in US


That's Life magazine (19-04-2012)

'Am I pregnant mum?'

A really positive double page spread on MEND graduates Kerensa and Kira Bond who went on MEND last year. Mum Kerensa talks about how MEND helped her daughter Kira become more confident and lose weight at a time when she was getting horribly bullied at school.

MEND 7-13 in UK


epolitix (26-03-2012)

Government should lead the way on salt reduction

As part of Salt Awareness Week, charity MEND lends its support to Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH), in campaigning for low salt options for consumers.



The Guardian (16-03-2012)

Can the NHS survive Lansley's reforms? Here, 100 people who work in or within the NHS tell the Guardian what the changes mean fo

MEND'S Chief Research Officer Paul Sacher gives his view on the NHS reforms



epolitix (17-02-2012)

Health gap between rich and poor continues to rise

Looking at health inequalities, MEND asks whether the government's reforms and cuts to the NHS will do more harm than good





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