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This page includes links to stories and features from the UK’s national media that talk about MEND and the different work we do.

The Times (11-02-2012)

But if I eat this, will I fit into my jeans?

Writer Lucy Cavendish describes her guilt as a mother of an overweight child. She took her son Leonard on MEND which she says is an "extremely good" programme, that "helps with lots of things, including nutrition and exercise."



Work out UK (01-02-2012)

Programme encourages exercise and healthy eating

Adult weight management programme Momenta is now being piloted at 10 health clubs across the UK



Channel 4 (24-01-2012)

MPs criticise government's NHS reforms

Paul Sacher comments on the effects of the cuts on child obesity services and MEND.



Essentials (06-01-2012)

How healthy is your basket?

MEND's Senior dietitian Kristin O'Grady gives a reader tips on making her shopping basket healthier



The Daily Telegraph (15-12-2011)

One in three children leaving primary school is overweight or obese

Paul Sacher responds to rise in child obesity figures



The Guardian (14-12-2011)

One in five children is obese by the end of primary school

MEND's Paul Sacher responds to rising child obesity figures



Health Club Management (24-10-2011)

A weighty matter

Kate Cracknell reports on a selection of European fitness industry initiatives to help address Diabetes - including MEND and Diabetes UK's Healthy Lifestyle roadshows



NHS Online (19-10-2011)

GBP20bn NHS cuts are hitting patients, Guardian investigation reveals

MEND's Chief Executive, Harry MacMillan, quoted about cuts to obesity programmes.


The Guardian (18-10-2011)

NHS cuts impact on patients revealed

David Cameron and Andrew Lansley say patients should not suffer from 'efficency savings'. The facts reveal a different story. MEND's Chief Executive, Harry MacMillan, highlights cuts to obesity programmes.


Daily Mirror (11-10-2011)

Dear Miriam: my daughters getting bullied for being 'fat.'

Q&A provided by MEND


Take a break (06-10-2011)

'What are you feeding her?'

A mother’s talks about her the genetic condition her daughter has which causes her to be obese. At the end of the article there is a link to MEND’s contact details.


Evening standard (20-09-2011)

Cash-strapped NHS trusts cut back on anti-obesity scheme

NHS cuts mean that MEND is being forced to scale back the number of programmes it runs despite soaring levels of childhood obesity. MEND’s UK Partnership Development Director, Rachael McGrath warns that MEND programmes are vital in preventing children from developing chronic diseases such as diabetes. This piece includes a MEND case study


Evening standard (20-09-2011)

Top swimmer makes a splash in fight against child obesity


BBC Newsbeat (19-09-2011)

MEND’S Chief Research Officer and Co founder Paul Sacher comments on the rising number of children having weight loss surgery. The number has quadrupled in the past 3 years and a report for Newsbeat has found that children are not getting enough support pre and post the operation


Radio 5 Live (19-09-2011)

MEND’s Chief Executive Harry Macmillan comments on the rising number of children having weight loss surgery




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