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This page includes links to stories and features from the UK’s national media that talk about MEND and the different work we do.

The Sunday Telegraph (12-06-2011)

The obesity stroke victim aged just six

Babies are being treated in hospital because of their weight – some after being weaned on puréed junk food – and children as young as six are suffering strokes. Doctors say rising numbers of babies and toddlers are being diagnosed as clinically obese and even suffering weight-linked diseases that normally appear in later life. MEND'S Chief Research Officer, Paul Sacher is quoted.


Channel 4 News online (24-05-2011)

Michelle Obama: 'mom-in-chief' wins over the UK

An article on Michelle Obama which includes a quote from MEND's Co Founder, Paul Sacher. He comments on her involvement in a US campaign called ‘Let’s Move’ which aims to tackle childhood obesity in America.


Daily Times Pakistan (16-05-2011)

It's all about the children

A paediatrician at Al Razi Healthcare in Lahore comments on the fact that he thinks the health of children around the world is steadily deteriorating. He says that obesity can have a deep effect on a child's life, increasing risks of numerous health problems, as well as creating emotional and social problems and includes a quote from Paul Sacher, Director of Research at MEND.


Daily Express (13-05-2011)

Alert over children who prefer TV to sport

A survey of 2,000 parents for outdoor toy manufacturer Mookie, discovered that 36% of children do no weekly exercise other than the two hours of curriculum lead physical education. The study suggests parents are failing to set their children a good example. MEND's Paul Sacher is quoted in the piece.


The Times Educational Supplement (Scotland) (13-05-2011)

Subjects in brief

The MEND programme has been celebrating the success of its most recent participant's from local primary and secondary schools in Kilmarnock, Scotland.


The Dietitian's Magazine (01-05-2011)

Weighing up community weight management services in Central London Community Healthcare

Research commissioned by the London Assembly found that adult obesity is currently costing London £883.6 million each year. The report highlights that although the Mayor has said addressing childhood obesity is his number one health priority – and has introduced several initiatives to help tackle the issue like encouraging walking, cycling, food growing and sports participation – few are focused exclusively on obesity-reduction. The Comittee’s research also analysed the cost effectiveness of MEND and LEAPs and found that they were the most cost effective compared with lifestyle counselling by GPs, TravelSmart schools and walking school bus programmes.


BBC Radio 5Live (14-04-2011)

Breakfast programme

Click to listen again to the breakfast programme which runs from 6am-9am. If you skip ahead to 1hr 26mins in, you will be able to listen to MEND's Chief Research and Development Officer Paul Sacher talking about the Shape GB Childrenswear Survey out today. The figures from the survey show that that waistlines of pupils starting secondary school are up to 8cm (more than 3 inches) larger on average than those of their counterparts 33 years ago


London Tonight (14-04-2011)

A new report by the London Assembly has found that 1 in 5 children in London is obese. MEND graduates Maureen and Sarah Markey talk about their MEND experience on London Tonight.


The Independent on Sunday (10-04-2011)

Obese children ‘at greater risk of bone fractures’

New research shows that overweight infants are more likely to develop osteoporosis in old age. Includes an interview with Sweena and her son Dhruv Gajjar who both attended a Mend programme last August.


The Sun (28-03-2011)

Healthy living course to help obese kids to MEND their ways


The Observer (13-03-2011)

Food and class: does what we eat reflect Britain’s social divide?

Two years ago, Spenta took the children on a 10-week social enterprise course for obese children


The Guardian (15-12-2010)

One in three children overweight on leaving primary school


Daily Mirror (15-12-2010)

Does my Brum look big in this?


Society Guardian (03-11-2010)

Food for thought

A debate on tackling childhood obesity featuring Phil Veasey, MEND's Public Affairs Director.


Daily Mirror (20-10-2010)

The obesity epidemic - what's going wrong?




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