UK and Europe

We’re running our family and adult programs across the UK, and MEND 7-13 has been adapted for Denmark.

In England
England is our largest market, with more than 200 programs running across England each term. Our teaching resources are linked to the National Curriculum (taught in England and Wales). Most programs are funded by Local Authorities and PCTs.

In Wales
The Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) commissioned programs every term at 20 sites across Wales in September 2008.

In Scotland
Currently, MEND programs are running in Kilmarnock through East Ayrshire Council (EAC).

In Northern Ireland
Funded by Sainsburys Supermarkets, MEND programs have been successfully run in Northern Ireland. 

In Denmark
MEND programs have been successfully run in Denmark on a small scale since 2008.

NSW Health

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