MEND 2-4 is a healthy lifestyle programme for children aged 2 to 4 and their parents and carers. It involves a 90-minute session once a week for ten weeks.

MEND 2-4 is for any child aged 2 to 4, whatever their weight.
Parents attend each session with their children to learn about healthy eating, portion sizes and active play.

It’s run by local teams in local communities.
Sessions run during the day, most often at community venues and Sure Start Children’s Centres. Up to 10 families can attend each session.

MEND 2-4 is totally FREE. Families don’t pay a penny.
All running costs are paid for by local authorities and other sponsors.

It offers friendly advice and tips, without being prescriptive.
MEND 2-4 shows parents creative ways to get children to taste and enjoy different fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks.

It offers a friendly, creative and fun environment for families.
Each week, children enjoy crèche-style active play activities while the adults take part in group discussions. Parents play with their children and everyone has fun together.

Where can I find more detailed information?
Email us on or call us for FREE on 0800 2300 263. To find your nearest programme, visit our Find a programme page.

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