Meet a MEND 2-4 family

Jenny is a mum of three from London. Her son Louis wasn’t overweight, but she was worried he wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle. So she joined MEND 2-4.

I was so glad that Louis got the chance to get active and play games with children his own age too. MEND encouraged him and the other children to be more adventurous with food too.

“The lady at MEND made it look so delicious and inviting. Now he’s eating loads of things that he wouldn’t have before. He eats red peppers, raw vegetables, all the fruits, even sugar snap peas.

“We also had discussions about what to do if family members came over with big bags of sweets. It’s good to know how to say ‘Please don’t give that to my kids’ without upsetting anyone.

“MEND didn’t just help Louis, it helped me and the rest of the family too. Learning about food labelling means I always look out for the correct percentages of salt and sugar in foods now.”

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