Meet a MEND 5-7 family

Sweena Gajjar joined her six-year-old son Dhruv on a MEND 5-7 programme to get him moving more, especially in the colder, winter months.

“Dhruv is a very happy, social and creative child, but he just wasn’t active enough. Now it’s difficult to get him to stop! He is begging to join table tennis classes alongside his swimming and yoga. He wants to join all the sports classes and why not!

“I really wanted him to understand the difference between good and bad food and the right portion size too. His sweet tooth is a thing of the past now!

“If he is offered chocolates he eats just one, and eats that one very slowly. If I offer him a second one he normally refuses.

“When we go shopping together we always read food labels for fat and sugar content of our meals. We also go for regular bike rides and to the gym once a week.

“With MEND’s help our whole family eats more healthily and exercises more now.”

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