MEND 7-13 is a healthy lifestyle programme for 7 to 13 year olds who are above a healthy weight. It involves two x 1- or 2-hour sessions every week for ten weeks.

MEND 7-13 is a family programme, developed by experts.
Parents and carers join their children in each session to learn about how to choose healthier foods and spend more time being active.

It’s run by local teams in local communities.
Sessions run after school or at weekends in community venues, schools and leisure centres. Up to 12 families can attend at once.

MEND 7-13 is totally FREE. Families don’t pay a penny.
All running costs are paid for by local authorities, grant organisations and corporate sponsors.

It offers a friendly, safe and non-judgmental environment.
Each week, everyone attends an interactive hour-long workshop as a group. Children spend the second hour doing physical activity while the adults discuss specific topics in more detail together.

How do I know if my child qualifies for a place on MEND 7-13?
Use our BMI calculator to find out whether or not your child is above a healthy weight for their age and height.

Where can I find more detailed information?
Email us on or call us for FREE on 0800 2300 263. To find your nearest programme, visit our Find a programme page.

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